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Over the past three decades Mr. Cranshaw and Mr. Brown have acquired vast experience representing individuals injured by the negligence of other persons, entities, products and devices.

Serious Personal Injury or Wrongful Death

Negligent or intentional acts resulting in wrongful death or serious permanent injury including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury, burns and scarring, dog bites, bone fractures, loss of limb, burns.

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Florida Dram Shop Liability Law – holding vendors responsible when alcohol is sold to a minor or an alcoholic-dependent person who then causes harm to another person, or themselves.

Florida Open House Party Statute – holding homeowners including parents potentially liable for any injury resulting from an alcoholic beverage or drug consumed by a minor during an open party at their residence.

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Negligent Security

Florida Attractive Nuisance – holding property owners responsible for injuries to children tempted to trespass by the presence of an object or condition that is attractive to children.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance Company Bad Faith in Failing to Settle First and Third Party Claims – where an insurance company fails in its duty to protect the interests of its insureds or third parties.

Insurance Coverage – where an insurance company wrongfully denies or seeks to limit insurance coverage.

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